Best ENT Specialist in Lahore Pakistan

Prof M Rashid Zia is a pioneer of surgical procedures & the best ent specialist in Lahore Pakistan. ENT Professor, Consultant Best  ENT Surgeon in Lahore, head and neck surgeon, Oncological surgeon, endoscopic surgeon, cosmetic surgeon. He got training from the University of Pennsylvania Philadelphia. He has a brilliant academic record, best graduate with multiple Gold medals, and outstanding services for more than three decades. Best ent specialist in Lahore.

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Best Ent Specialist in Lahore Pakistan

Best ENT specialist in Lahore Pakistan

Prof Dr. M Rashid Zia introduced and trained new surgical procedures in Pakistan highly useful for the Management of all types of diseases.  He introduced partial laryngeal surgeries for laryngeal cancer patients in 2000.

No tracheostomy with very good voice. He’s also pioneer of Fine ear surgeries and snoring surgical procedures in Pakistan. He got hands on training from the best medical institutions like university of Pennsylvania Philadelphia and Milano masterclass ITALY.

  • FESS (Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery & Balloon Sinuplasty ).
  • He is pioneer of FESS (functional endoscopic sinus surgery) surgeon in Pakistan.
Best ENT Specialist

Prof Dr.Rashid Zia | Best Ent Specialist Surgeon in Pakistan

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Best ENT Specialist Doctor in Lahore Pakistan

Always get the right time to cure you and your family members. Professor Doctor Zia is the best Top ENT specialist surgeon in Lahore pakistan & Best Ent surgeon in pakistan. He has 34 years Teaching/Training experience in neuro-scientific medicine. Government of Punjab has promoted him to BS 21 in appreciation of his Extraordinary Meritorious services. Dr. Rashid zia updates his skills annually through hands-on training courses from Europe and THE UNITED STATES. Fields of interest are Re-shaping of Nose, Endoscopic Sinus Surgery, and Eardrum Grafting/Repair. is the pioneer to start and popularize partial Laryngectomy with a good voice in addition to no tracheostomy. Professor Doctor Zia is quite dynamic in the medical education of undergraduates and postgraduates. Hi is ENT specialist in Lahore.He wrote research papers and booklets on awareness about ear nose and throat diseases. Professor Doctor Rashid Zia is best ENT specialist in Lahore and best Ent surgeon in Pakistan.

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